Working with Document AI and Google Cloud Services involves a bewildering range of id and key types, so here is an overview to help navigate them.


Domain Name Example Description
GCS Project “Special Project” Human friendly name of your GCS project
GCS Project id wet-panda-12345 Unique id of your GCS project
GCS Service account name “Main account” Human friendly name of service account
GCS Service account keyfile soft-koala-12345-678968544.json File containing authentication credentials
GCS Service account email Identifier used in gcloud CLI
DAI Processor name ocr-general-2024 Display name for an activated processor
DAI Processor id 3e03a16deqac44a9 Id for an activated processor
DAI Processor type FORM_PARSER_PROCESSOR Type of processor
DAI Processor version pretrained-ocr-v2.0-2023-06-02 OCR model instance
Storage Bucket name example-bucket-34869 Bucket name and identifier

Environment variables

The following environment variables in .Renviron will help you autoauthenticate with googleCloudStorageR and daiR:

  • GCS_AUTH_FILE set to a path to a service account keyfile
  • GCS_DEFAULT_BUCKET set to a bucket name
  • DAI_PROCESSOR_ID set to a processor id